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To achieve a professional staff, you must present your company as professional. Quality workers deserve a clean, safe environment in which to work. Mice, roaches, and fleas are not conductive to quality work. Potential employees of any value will overlook your employment opportunity if they see signs of pest infestations or unsanitary work conditions. With the lack of qualified workers available in today’s job market, employers need whatever edge they can get when seeking potential workers. An unsightly pest problem should not be an issue.

When your employees are happy with their work environment and conditions, they are more likely to be productive to the company. How many times have you heard horror stories about unhappy employees who just don’t care? Don’t let that conversation be about your company. A happy employee is worth his/her weight in gold. They overwhelmingly outperform unhappy workers.


Don’t let a valuable employee slip away from your company because of phobia in spiders, mice, or a number of other common office pests. Don’t be the boss who says, “It’s no big deal.” Be the boss who says, “I’ll get a professional to handle it.” That says you care. When the boss cares, the employee cares, and when the employee cares, the customer matters. Show your staff that they deserve a pest free work environment, because you care.

Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers

Quality Employees Equal Opportunity Profits

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