In-home pest prevention

Take a look at these helpful tips to keep your home or office free of pests after your pest removal appointments. Call us with any other questions you may have.
Rat prevention
Eliminate harborage areas, such as brush piles in your yard. Keep animal feed in metal containers with lids. Don’t leave cat and dog food out overnight.
Carpenter ant prevention
Fix all leaks as soon as possible. Keep firewood stacked up and away from your house.
Spider prevention
Remove, with a vacuum, all visible spider webs in your basement.
Slug prevention
If slugs are invading your yard and garden, place pie plates of beer around the most affected area. Slugs are attracted to the beer and will die in the plate.
Bedbug prevention

Never buy or accept a used mattress or bed frame. If doing any traveling, inspect your suitcases and clothes before entering your house.

Millipede prevention
Use a dehumidifier in your basements and attached garages.
Crawling insect prevention
Keep grass trimmed low around the house. Don’t overwater flower and mulch beds around the house.
Mouse prevention
Seal all entry holes to your house with steel wool especially along the foundation and utility entry points. Contact Brown's Integrated Pest Management LLC for details.
Pantry pest prevention
Seal all flour and baking products in plastic containers with lids. Rotate your stock as you purchase new products.